Open Curling – Sept 17th 6-8pm

ALL ARE WELCOME!  A night of fun and community!20130306 018 (2)

Open Curlng September 17th 6-8pm!

Hosted by Vikingland Curling Club.

Cost $10/person.

Dress in layers.  The arena temperature is about 45-50 degrees. You’ll be standing on ice for two hours. If you normally wear a hat outside, you’ll probably want to wear one while curling as well.
Clothing should allow freedom of movement.  You need to be able to squat and lunge (blue jeans are not recommended since your movement is restricted).
Lightweight gloves keep your hands warm while still allowing you to feel the stone.

Please bring a pair of clean athletic shoes with soft rubber soles for maximum grip.
Avoid shoes with metal on top.
If your feet tend to get cold, consider wearing two pairs of socks.
The Club will supply any other equipment necessary.

Upcoming Learn to Curl Events:
October 11th – 9:30 AM (Saturday)
October 15th – 6:30 PM (Wednesday)


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