Board of Directors

Club Founder: Nancy Haggenmiller

Dan Rooney, President
Scott Threinen, Vice President
Ron Branch, Secretary
Logan Moore, Treasurer

Board Directors: Terri Bouressa, Jonas Capistrant, Troy Dittberner, Brad Dumm, Ryan Hindt, Mike Pfeiffer, Jason Rauk, Tim Suby, Mary Weihrauch, Lori Zmuda

Ice Crew: Tim Suby, Ron Branch, Shelley Parkin, Dave Bittmann, Dan Hilback, Jeremy Butanis

Facility Committee: Scott Threinen, Ron Branch, Ryan Hindt, Rob Danner, Mike Paulson

Runestone Spiel Committee: Troy Dittberner, Scott Threinen

Social Media Committee: Jerrod Kelley, Rob Danner

Fundraising Committee: Troy Dittberner, Jason Rauk

Lounge and Concessions: Mary Weihrauch

Instruction Team: Dave Bittmann, Micheal Bouressa, Terri Bouressa, Ron Branch, Eric Carpenter, Troy Dittberner, Brad Dumm, Sue Dumm, Dan Hilback, Ryan Hindt, Brian Kakach, Connie Moore, Logan Moore, Tom Peterson, Jason Rauk, Matthew Roggenbuck, Dan Rooney, Tim Suby,  Scott Threinen, Eric Timmerman, Ben Wenzel

Are you interested in joining the board? We hold elections every spring. Please contact the President if you are interested in joining the Board of Directors or committees.

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