Saturday, February 19th 

Free for Members

Guests Cost: $10/person

GUEST WAIVER All guest players must sign wavier. Online or Hardcopy.

All are welcome! Curling is a “lifetime” sport for people of all ages and abilities. We can also accommodate wheelchair curlers and those who may not be as flexible as they once were with “stick” curling. We love for kids to try curling! Because it takes a certain amount of strength to slide the 42 pound granite stones down the ice, kids about 9 years and up are generally able to participate.

What to expect during the sessions. There will be a brief off ice instruction including curling terminology. Once one the ice, instructors will go over the basics of curling including throwing a stone and sweeping. At the end of the session a short game will be played. Participants are urged to wear layered, loose clothing and clean sneakers. All other equipment is provided.

Dress in layers.  The arena temperature is about 45-50 degrees. You’ll be standing on ice for two hours. If you normally wear a hat outside, you’ll probably want to wear one while curling as well.
Clothing should allow freedom of movement.  You need to be able to squat and lunge (blue jeans are not recommended since your movement is restricted).
Lightweight gloves keep your hands warm while still allowing you to feel the stone.

Please bring a pair of clean athletic shoes with soft rubber soles for maximum grip.
Avoid shoes with metal on top.
If your feet tend to get cold, consider wearing two pairs of socks.
The Club will supply any other equipment necessary.

Located in the west rink of the Runestone Community Center.

This seven-minute video will help you prepare for your Learn-to-Curl class.

2022 AUTHENTIC RUNESTONE SPIEL, Alexandria, MN – Vikingland Curling

3D Runestone Spiel_03web


MARCH 11-12, 2022

  • $240/team includes meals
  • 16 team Limit, 2-day spiel
  • 3 game guarantee
  • Free Hot Food Friday and Saturday with Cash Bar
  • Bloody Mary Bar Saturday Morning
  • Prizes awarded to event winners

VCC Spiel 2022 Runestone Flyers


Mail Payment to:
Vikingland Curling Club
1118 Broadway
Alexandria, MN 56308
Contacts: Troy Dittberner Phone , Scott Threinen Phone

These hotels are closest to the curling club.
Arrowwood Resort, 2100 Arrowwood Lane, 320-762-1124,
Hampton Inn & Suites, 2705 South Broadway Street, 320-763-3360
AmericInn, 4520 Minnesota 29, 320-763-6808
Best Western, 508 Twin Boulevard, 320-762-5161
Days Inn, 4810 Minnesota 29, 320-762-1171

We reserved the right to modify the tournament depending on number of registered teams.
Bonspiel will conclude Saturday evening.
We look forward to seeing all of you for our bonspiel! Good curling!

VCC Wed. League: 1/26/22 Schedule, News, Tips, Events & INFO

Instructors Needed for High School Curling Unit:

St Mary’s School 5th& 6th Grade
February 7, 8, & 9 FROM 8:25 AM to 10:10 AM

Alexandria High School
February 8, 10, 14, & 22 FROM 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM  &
February 7, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, & 22 FROM 2:00 PM to 2:45 PM

Instructor Sign Up:

Wed. League Schedule: January 26, 2022 

Setup: (6:20pm) Rock Heads
Cleanup: Threinen
Lounge and Socializing open at 6:00pm, Make a batch of popcorn.
Thirds Report Results in Club House
NOTE: Practice Hacks available on sheet ends to work on deliver and form.

7PM A Rauk Solid vs Caps Curling Crew
7PM B Taken for Granite vs Carpenter
7PM C Curl Haggard vs The Outsliders
7PM D The Bickersons vs Stone Soup
7PM E # Rock Heads vs School of Rock

9PM A Open for Practice/Coaching/Game
9PM B Fire League vs Natural Curl
9PM C # Threinen vs Bonspiel Jovi
9PM D The Ice is Right vs Bad Boys
9PM E Nelson vs Rauk

11/19/2022 Wed. League Results & Standings
Natural Curl def. Rauk Solid 10-2
The Outsliders def. School of Rock 10-4
Threinen def. Stone Soup 6-3
Carpenter def. Caps Curling Crew 6-5
Bonspiel Jovi def. Taken for Granite 10-2

Fire League def. Curl Haggard 7-5
The Bickersons def. Bad Boys
Nelson def. by forfeit Rock Heads
The Ice is Right def. Rauk 9-6
Threinen — 9-0-0
The Outsliders — 8-1-1
Bonspiel Jovi — 7-3-0
Caps Curling Crew — 7-3-0
The Ice is Right — 7-3-0
Bad Boys — 6-4-0
School of Rock — 6-4-0
Stone Soup — 6-4-0
Carpenter — 5-5-0
Nelson — 4-6-0
Rauk — 4-6-0
Taken for Granite — 4-6-0
Rock Heads — 4-5-1
Natural Curl — 3-7-0
The Bickersons — 3-7-0
Curl Haggard — 2-8-0
Fire League — 2-7-0
Rauk Solid — 1-9-0

Curling Tips of Week:

  1. If a delivered stone is touched (burned) between the hoglines, it is removed from play immediately. If it is burned after it crosses the far hogline, allow the rock to continue until all rocks come to rest. The non-offending team may choose to either (a) allow the play to stand, (b) remove the touched stone and replace all affected stones as close as possible to their original position or (c) place the touched stone and all stones it would have affected where they reasonably consider the stones would have come to rest had the violation not occurred.
  2. For Skips and Thirds – Hold the broom along the tee line when calling draw shots, even for guards. This will give you a good reference point for calling future shots. Also hold the broom directly in front of your body so the person delivering has a single target.
  3. BROOMSTACKING”: As you know curling is a gentlemen and ladies sport for gracious but serious competitors, as “curlers play to win, but never to humble their opponents”. Another well practiced tradition is called Broomstacking! One of the greatest traditions in curling is broomstacking. The term refers to the social get-together after each game. Originally, curlers, after completing a curling game on the pond, would stack their brooms in front of the fire and enjoy beverages with the opponent. This tradition is still alive today and it is expected that you partake in broomstacking after every game. The custom dictates that the winners buy the losers the first round of drinks.


Volunteers Wanted: Interested please contact a board member. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ice Prep Crew: If you are interested  in helping with ice setup please speak with an ice crew member or board member.

Club Photographers and Videographers: Take photos during league, spiels and community events.

Club Historians: Formalize and record all historical documents and events.

Level 1 Instructors: Become a certified Level I Instructor for club Learn to Curl and Open Houses.

Youth Instructors: Instruct grade school and/or high school during on ice class or gym floor curling classes.

Stone & Banner Sponsorships: Ask people and companies to support VCC through stone & banner sponsorships.


Events: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Alexandria High School Curling Sessions: December 10, 14, 16, 20  2:00-2:24pm

Instructors Needed: Dec. 10 (8), Dec. 14, 16, 20 (4)

Open Curling December 29 at 6:00pm-10:15pm SIGN UP Link:

Club Fundraising Raffle Drawing:  March 12th 6pm

Club Championship March 16, 2022

Club Banquet Dinner: April 2, 2022

Arena Nationals – Arena Nationals Gillette, Wyoming:  May 2022 (If interested in participating contact a VCC Board Member.)

Club Information: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Board Members:  Matthew Roggenbuck, Ryan Hindt, Mike Pfeiffer, Tim Suby, Dan Rooney, Troy Dittberner, Brad Dumm, Jason Rauk Officers: Scott Threinen (President), (Vice Pres.), Ron Branch (Secretary), Logan Moore (Treasurer)

Ice Crew: Tim Suby, Ron Branch, Ryan Hindt, Shelley Parkin, Dave Bittmann, Mike Ardito, Dan Rooney, Steve Schiltgen, Louann Dear seeking volunteers!

League Draw Master Scheduler: seeking volunteer!

Group Event Coordinator: seeking volunteer!

Volunteer Coordinator: seeking volunteer!

Facility/Capital Campaign Committee: Ron Branch, seeking volunteers!

Runestone Spiel Committee: Troy Dittberner, Scott Threinen, Jason Rauk, seeking volunteers!

Social Media Committee: Jerrod Kelley, Jim Thompson,

Marketing/Growth Committee: Travis Bautz seeking volunteers!

Fundraising Committee: Troy Dittberner, Jason Rauk, seeking volunteers!

Lounge and Concessions Team: Logan Moore, seeking volunteers!

Educational/Instruction Team: Dave Bittmann, Ron Branch, Troy Dittberner, Brad Dumm, Sue Dumm, Ryan Hindt, Brian Kakach, Connie Moore, Logan Moore, Tom Peterson, Jason Rauk, Matthew Roggenbuck, Dan Rooney, Tim Suby, Scott Threinen, Chris Erickson, Eric Timmerman, Michael Bouressa, Terri Bouressa, seeking volunteers!

Please let a board member know if you would like join our board, committees or Team. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Good Curling!

VCC Board




Learn to Curl Clinics – October 2021 (Alexandria, MN)

THE CURLING EXPERIENCE – 2021 Learn to Curl Clinics

OPEN HOUSE/OPEN CURLING October 27th (Wednesday) – 6:00-11:00PM

Skip Meeting: 6:00pm-6:30pm.

Free for 2021-22 Season Members

Guests Cost: $20/adult, $12/youth under 18

2021 MEMBERSHIP: Membership Registration Link
Team Registration  League Starts November 3rd (Wednesday) 7PM


All are welcome! No curling experience or equipment required.

The Learn to Curl clinics are ideal for those who have never tried the sport before, but are curious to learn the basics. Curling is a “lifetime” sport for people of all ages and abilities. We can also accommodate wheelchair curlers and those who may not be as flexible as they once were with “stick” curling. We love for kids to try curling! Because it takes a certain amount of strength to slide the 42 pound granite stones down the ice, kids about 8 years and up are generally able to participate.

Located in the west rink of the Runestone Community Center.

scott Johnston Right

Wed. League Schedule

2021 Club Championship Playdowns

3/24/21 Semi-Final and Championship Games
SETUP: (6:05pm): Stone’s Throw & Taken For Granite, Everybody
CLEANUP: Stone Soup

Draw Time/Sheet
(25 3/24 6:45pm B Taken for Granite vs Stone’s Throw
(26 3/24 8:15pm C Stone Soup vs W25
(27 3/24 10:15pm C Stone Soup vs W25 (if W25 Wins Game 26)

Open Curling: Alternates & All are Welcome! Sign up as an individual or team!
6:45pm A Open – All are welcome.
6:45pm C Open – All are welcome. (6 end game)
6:45pm D Bickersons &
6:45pm E Open – All are welcome.

8:15pm A Open – All are welcome.
8:15pm B Open – All are welcome.
8:15pm D Open – All are welcome.
8:15pm E Open – All are welcome.

Masks required. The lounge and locker rooms are open for use. Guests are welcomed.

Good Curling, VCC Board

2021 Final Standings

2021 Club Championship Playdowns

Club News and Events

11/18/20 Wed. League Draws
SETUP: (5:20pm): Curl Up With A Good Rock
CLEANUP: The Bickersons
Reporting: Winning Thirds Report game results to draw schedule
6:00 PM A # Curl Up With A Good Rock v Branch
6:00 PM B Cap’s Curling Crew v Dumm
6:00 PM C Stone Soup v Natural Curl
6:00 PM D Stone’s Throw v Nelson
6:00 PM E Rauk v Taken For Granite
8:15PM B The Outsliders v Threinen
8:15PM D The Ice is Right v # The Bickersons

2021 Runestone Spiel March 12-13, 2021