THE CURLING EXPERIENCE – OPEN HOUSE – March 3, 2018 – 3 to5pm

CURLING OPEN HOUSE – You are invited to attend March 3rd, 2018 3 to 5pm.

Open to the public and all are welcome!

Open house fee may be credited towards a 2018 new club membership.

Cost: $20/adult and $10/youth under 18 yr.

No curling experience or equipment required.

Curling is a “lifetime” sport for people of all ages and abilities. We can also accommodate wheelchair curlers and those who may not be as flexible as they once were with “stick” curling. We love for kids to try curling! Because it takes a certain amount of strength to slide the 42 pound granite stones down the ice, kids about 8 years and up are generally able to participate.

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