Wed. League Schedule

2021 Club Championship Playdowns Begin

03/3/21 Championship Playdowns
SETUP: (6:20pm): Natural Curl
CLEANUP: Cap’s Curling Crew

7pm A Threinen vs The Bickersons
7pm B Nelson vs Curl Up With A Good Rock
7pm C Cap’s Curling Crew vs Branch
7pm D Taken for Granite vs The Outsliders
7pm E Rauk vs Natural Curl
9pm A L04 vs L05
9pm B W04 vs W05
9pm C The Ice Is Right vs Dumm
9pm D W02 vs W03
9pm E L02 vs L03

Masks required. The lounge and locker rooms are open for use.

Good Curling, VCC Board

2021 Final Standings

2021 Club Championship Playdowns

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