Wednesday League Schedule

Stones & Setup (6:20pm): Taken for Granite
Cleanup: Bonspiel Jovi
7PM A Branch vs # Taken for Granite
7PM B Caps Curling Crew vs Threinen
7PM C Wieweck vs Stone Soup
7PM D Curl Jam vs Rock Heads
7PM E Bad Boys vs The Bickersons
9PM A Dumm vs Stone’s Throw
9PM B Rauk vs Curl Up With A Good Rock
9PM C Natural Curl vs Nelson
9PM D The Ice is Right vs Jonas Grumby
9PM E # Bonspiel Jovi vs The Outsliders

11/27/19 Open Curling ($10/guest)

Stones & Setup (6:20pm): Jonas Grumby
Cleanup: Stone Soup
7PM A # Jonas Grumby vs The Outsliders
7PM B Curl Jam vs Threinen
7PM C Curl Up With A Good Rock vs The Bickersons
7PM D Wieweck vs Branch
7PM E The Ice is Right vs Caps Curling Crew
9PM A Rauk vs Nelson
9PM B Dumm vs Bad Boys
9PM C Rock Heads vs Taken for Granite
9PM D Natural Curl vs Bonspiel Jovi
9PM E # Stone Soup vs Stone’s Throw

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