Vikingland Curling Club plays on Wednesday nights at Runestone Community Center (West Rink) in Alexandria, MN

2017-18  Wednesday Night League:  VIEW League Schedule & Results

Standings 12/20/17


12/27/17 VCC League Schedule
Setup: 6:20pm The Outsliders
Cleanup: The Right Weights
7pm A # The Outsliders vs Poker Group
7pm B Dittberner vs Pederson
7pm C Dumm vs Stones Throw
7pm D Branch vs Timmerman
7pm E The Bickersons vs Rolling Stones
9pm A Jonas Grumby vs Bad Boys
9pm B House Hunters vs Rauk
9pm C # The Right Weights vs Arc Builders
9pm D Curl Jam vs Threinen
9pm E Blizz Boys vs Keding
Bye Taken For Granite
Bye Cap’s Curling Crew
Bye Bonspiel Jovi

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 All members & guests must have a participant release on file at the club.
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OPEN CURLING — All are welcome! 

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2016 PLAYDOWNS BRACKET: View Bracket (printable)


2016 VCC Playdowns v2 2015-16 Wednesday Night League:  VIEW League Schedule & Results
Wednesday Night League Began: October 28th, 2015
* If you would like to join a league contact us at: info@vikinglandcurling.org







2014-15 PLAYDOWNS BRACKET: View Bracket

2014-15 Wednesday Night League:
View Schedule & Results

2013-14 PLAYDOWNS BRACKETView Bracket
2013-14 League Schedule, Results and Standings: View Results

2013-14Rinks (1-Bad Boys)

2014 Club Champions – Gold Medal – Bad Boys Rink: Scott Quitmeyer, Larry Bartl, Dan Rooney, Fritz Bukowski, Mike Schmitz (not pictured)

2013-14Rinks (2-Sleepers)

2014 Silver Medal – Sleepers Rink: Dave Watkin, Terri Lee, Nancy & Dave Bittmann

2013-14Rinks (3-Dumm)

2014 Bronze Medal – Dumm Rink: Bob Friederichs, Lyle Holsher, Les Zimmerman, Brad Dumm

2013-14Rinks (4-Threinen)

2014  4th Place – Threinen Rink: Erin Gillie, Dave Kent, Joyelle Threinen, Scott Threinen

2012-13 League Schedule, Results and Standings: View

2012-13Rinks (1-Timmerman)

2013 Club Champions – Gold Medal – Timmerman Rink: Chris Dahlke, Josh Boyer, Scott Threinen, Eric Timmerman, Dan Hilback (not pictured)

2012-13Rinks (2-Johnnies)

2013 Silver Medal – Johnnies Rink: Alex Boyd, Jimmy Crea, Josh Oestreich, Erik Dietz

2013 Bronze Medal – Rock Solid Rink – Andy Siira, Jason Lattimer, Lars Nelson, Chris Dahlke (no image)

2012-13Rinks (4-Dumm)

2013 4th Place – Dumm Rink: Steve Atwood, Brad Dumm, Les Zimmerman, Jake Capistant, Lyle Holscher (not pictured)

2011-12 League Playdowns Bracket: View

2012 Club Champions – Gold Medal – Dittberner Rink: Craig Erickson, Chris Erickson, Lori Zmuda, Troy Dittberner

2012 Silver Medal – Timmerman Rink: Eric Timmerman, Dan Hilback, Josh Boyer, Scott Threinen

2012 A Division 3rd-Rock Solid Rink

2012 Bronze Medal – Rock Solid Rink: Twyla Anderson, Lars Nelson, Dennis Cuchna, Jason Lattimer

2011-12 League Seeding Bracket: View 
2011-12 League Schedule and Results: View